Saturday, November 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day November 2008 - More Blooms Than I Ever Expected

Well, I still thankfully have yet to experience my first frost of the season, so my zone 6b garden has more blooms than I would normally expect for this time of year. Given my prior bloom days posts for September featuring dahlias and October featuring roses, I'm going to focus on other blooms--annuals, perennials and one flowering tree--though both dahlias and roses are also continuing to bloom. Check out what is blooming in other bloggers' gardens over at May Dreams Gardens.
One of my favorite clematis, 'Venusa Violacea' in the Cutting Garden.

Nicotiana in the entrance to the Bird Garden.
Autumn Cherry in the Walled Garden (more pictures and information here).
Petunia in a container in the Bird Garden.
Brown Eyed Susans continue to bloom from August until the frost in the Front Border. As a cut flower, it lasts for over a week in a vase.
Japanese Anemone in the Front Border. The white was so bright it took me several attempts to get this picture.
Self seeding Cleome or Spider Flower are all over the garden. This one is in the Walled Garden.
Mexican Sunflower in the Children's Garden.
Verbena bonariensis in the raised vegetable beds in the Children's Garden.
Globe Thistle on Lilac Hill.
Mexican Bush Sage - Salvia leucantha outside the Children's Garden.
Chrysanthemum on the edge of the Rose Garden.
Nasturtium trailing from a container on the deck.
Petunia in a container on the deck.
Salvia elegans in a large pot on the deck.
Asclepias curassavica--annual Butterfly Weed--at the entrance to the Bird Garden.
Salvia farinacea outside the Bird Garden.
Geranium 'Roxanne' is everywhere in the garden. It's one of the most useful edging plants I know. This one is in the Long Border.
Salvia guaranitica grows in many places. It acts like a screen in the Egg Garden and elsewhere it's a wonderful hummingbird attractant. This one is in the Children's Garden.
Amaranthus 'Hopi Red Dye' self seeds itself in the Cutting Garden.
Zinnia in the Cutting Garden.
Silver Leaf Sunflowers is one of two sunflowers still blooming. The other is Italian White.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

You are one zone away from me, and we grow some of the same flowers. Mine are finished blooming for the most part, though. I am amazed that you have a purple clematis blooming this late in the season. It sure is pretty!

Gail said...

Absolutely beautiful blooms...a hit parade of some of the best flowers in gardens! We are getting hit with a frost several nights in a row..soon no bloom! Thank you for the tour!

Julia Erickson said...


I was surprised to see this clematis too. I almost missed it--it was hiding behind a tutuer in the Cutting Garden.

-Heirloom Gardener

Julia Erickson said...


I think this is it for me as it is supposed to get down to 24 degrees this week--oh no!

-Heirloom Gardener

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