Friday, January 18, 2008

Living and Gardening Around Chatham, New Jersey

When non-gardening people move, they ask easy-to-answer questions such as, how are the local schools? For gardening people, moving is much more complicated by questions such as, how are the local nurseries?

In brief, Chatham, New Jersey and nearby commuter towns (such as Maplewood, Millburn, Short Hills, Summit, Green Village, Madison, Morristown, New Providence, and Berkley Heights) are great places for gardeners. I recently visited my father in another community and noticed how few nurseries were present. Further, while the homes and the community were attractive, I didn't drive by any home gardens that made me want to stop my car and take a second look. This made me appreciate all of the great gardening resources that I have at home.

For those who are nearby and/or for those gardeners who are thinking of moving here, here's the lay of the land:

1. Plant Nurseries Around Chatham, New Jersey
The Farm at Green Village (Green Village)
Great Swamp Greenhouses (Gillette)
J & M Home & Garden (Madison)

2. Gardening Resources Around Chatham, New Jersey
S. Johnson Landscape Management (Chatham)
Garden Cottage - Patio Furniture (Morristown)
The Birdhouse at Madison (Madison)
Dreyer's Lumber (Chatham)
Savatree Arborists

3. Farmers' Markets Around Chatham, New Jersey
Chatham Farmers' Market (Chatham)
Summit Farmers' Market (Summit)

4. Botanical Gardens Around Chatham, New Jersey
Reeves-Reed Arboretum (Summit)
Willowwood Arboretum (Chester Township)
Presby Memorial Iris Gardens (Montclair)

5. Other Outdoor Spaces Around Chatham, New Jersey
Fosterfields Living Historical Farm (Morristown)
Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center (Chatham)
Noe Pond Club (Chatham)
The Raptor Trust (Gillette)
Morris County Parks Commission (Morris County)
New Jersey Tourism: Gardens (New Jersey)

6. Non-Gardening Information About Chatham, New Jersey
Chatham Borough
Chatham Recreation
Chatham Township
Money Magazine Best Places To Live 2005
NJ Transit - Commuting to Chatham
School District of the Chathams


March 2008 Update: Chatham Township was named the best place to live by New Jersey Monthly

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