Thursday, February 05, 2015

Forcing Forsythia

Forcing forsythia is super easy! Now is the time to grab some clippers and cut several forsythia branches.  I like the long, straight ones because they make more dramatic arrangements.  However, the branching ones are beautiful too as seen here.  Once you have cut the branches put them in water and wait anywhere from one to three weeks for the buds and flowers to appear depending on how late in the winter you cut them.  There is no need to change the water while your waiting for the branches to bloom.  I do find it helpful, however, to make a 1/2 inch vertical cut at the base of the branch to make it easier for the stems to take up water.  The flowering branches look great for several weeks.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Winter Floral Arrangements

Bringing flowers in from the garden is one of my great joys as a gardener.  Winter presents a challenge in that there is less to choose from, but the desire for greenery grows stronger.  One of my goals this winter is to create an arrangement each week from the garden.  It will not only beautify my living space, but will satisfy my desire to be in the garden at a time of year I ordinarily would not.  I share with you week 1.

This small vase contains clipping of cedar clippings and yellow twig dogwood gathered from the garden with an accent of purple from Japanese beautyberry  growing at the edge of our lawn.  

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