Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some of the Roses Growing in the Cutting Garden: Louis Odier, Dortmund, Complicata, Jacques Cartier, Felicite Parmentier, Crimson Glory

Louis Odier on the side fence

Dortmund on the arbor
Complicata on the lattice in front of the chimney
Jacques Cartier on the back fence
Felicite Parmentier (white) on the back fence and Crimson Glory (red) on a tutuer
I apologize that some of these pictures are not in better focus, as they were taken by hand at slow shutter speeds at dusk.
UPDATE: As per several requests, I have added the names of the roses next to the pictures.


Carol said...

How charming and no apologies needed ... thank you for sharing these lush gorgeous roses spilling over in your garden. A most lovely cottage garden feel. You have inspired me to put up a fence which I have been dragging my feet about for years... to protect my veggies but now also to attempt to have the lushness I now see in your pictures. There must be a heavenly fragrance all about you. To think this is your cutting garden... the lovely bouquets you must have. Delightful post!

Janet said...

The roses are beautiful!

GardenJoy4Me said...

You have such beautiful and structured roses ! .. I can imagine how wonderful the scents are in your garden .. I am still trying to get some of mine established .. do you ever use the epsom salts tip ?

petoskystone said...

wow! the only rose growing in the (friend's where i stay)yard is a small, wild white rose which specializes in stealth-growth (in 2 sides of the yard & across a busy street in many places)>

Darla said...

Very charming indeed!

lynn'sgarden said...

WOW!! Please, what's the name of the red rose on the arbor? Quite a show you have going there! My climbers are at peak but the hybrid-T's are just setting buds...your secret for dealing with aphids?


heirloomgardener said...


The rose on the arbor is Dortmund, which I wrote about as the perfect arbor rose:

For aphids, I spray Dormant Oil early in the season, as you can read about here:


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