Friday, May 29, 2009

Organic Dairies Watch the Good Times Turn Bad

Another reminder to support your local and organic farmers, many of which are now going out of business or are at risk of doing so, from Katie Zezima in The New York Times:

"When Ken Preston went organic on his dairy farm here in 2005, he figured that doing so would guarantee him what had long been elusive: a stable, high price for the milk from his cows.
Sure enough, his income soared 20 percent, and he could finally afford a Chevy Silverado pickup to help out. The dairy conglomerate that distributed his milk wanted everything Mr. Preston could supply. Supermarket orders were skyrocketing.
But soon the price of organic feed shot up. Then the recession hit, and families looking to save on groceries found organic milk easy to do without. Ultimately the conglomerate, with a glut of product, said it would not renew his contract next month, leaving him with nowhere to sell his milk, a victim of trends that are crippling many organic dairy farmers from coast to coast."
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Carol said...

Very disturbing! I saw this in the times too but have yet to read it all. It is so hard to understand why people do not support truly organic farms... Yeah to Michelle though I am disappointed with some of her husbands appointments... we just have to remain vigilant at all times. It is great that you are posting this material.

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