Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day May 2009: the end of the daffodils and tulips; and the beginning of the lilacs, irises, peonies and roses (REVISED)

Jacques Cartier in the Rose Garden

Peach and White Daffodil on Lilac Hill
Iris Pallida Dalmatica in the Triangle Garden
Peach Tulip in the Rose Garden
Necrosardim Siculum in the Cutting Garden
Camassia in the Egg Garden
Little Leaf Lilac in the Egg Garden
Orange Favorite Tulip in the Front Border
Narcissus Peasant's Eye on Goldberry Hill
Another Yellow Daffodil on Goldberry Hill
Pink Tree Peony on Goldberry Hill
Pink Azalea in the Front Border
Summer Snowflake in the Bird Garden
Purple Lilac on Lilac Hill
Pink Bleeding Heart in the Walled Garden
Brunnera in the Front Border
Pulmonaria in the Front Border
A family emergency kept me away from home for a few days during Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, but in the spirit of better late than never, here are some pictures of what's blooming in mid-May in my New Jersey garden (zone 6b). Check out all of the bloom day posts from around the world over at May Dreams Garden.
EDITOR'S NOTE: In my husband's haste, he uploaded some pictures for bloom day of flowers that were no longer in bloom on the fifteenth (some daffodils, daphne, pasque flower, fritillaria negre, crown fritillaria), so those pictures have been removed.


Stan Gibbs said...

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Janet said...

Great photos! My daffodils have been done for a while, same for the lilac...but the peony just finished! Funny what a cooler spring does to the timing of blooms!

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge of gardening. I find your gardens very inspiring! I am in CT with zone 6a and hope to one day have as many gardens to name as you have.

abby jenkins said...

Hey! How did I miss bloom day and when is the next one? We definitely share the same tastes when it comes to plant selection. At first I thought I was looking at my own blog :^)

Melanie Jolicoeur said...

How beautiful! I am finally visiting other Bloom Day participants this month and looking forward to the next one!

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