Thursday, May 14, 2009

Career Decision: Landscape Architect or Major League Baseball Pitcher

From today's baseball blog at The New York Times:

"You’ve got to love what Matt Palmer is doing out in Anaheim. He tossed a complete game to beat the Red Sox on Wednesday, improving his record to 4-0. The guy nearly quit baseball to put his horticulture degree to use as a landscaper. Now he’s the Angels’ version of Aaron Small, circa 2005."

The short story is that Matt Palmer struggled for years in the minor leagues and almost gave up the dream of pitching in the Major League. The post-baseball career plan was to become a landscape architect. Through perseverence, the encouragement of his wife, and some lucky breaks, he got his chance this season. I guess the landscape architect plans will have to wait.


Country Gardener said...

There's quite a difference in those two career choices. Amazing story.

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