Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Cutting Garden: The Joy of Spring Tulips

One of my early posts on Heirloom Gardener was "Creating Space for a Garden: the Cutting Garden" in which I wrote about transforming the small 15x30 foot side yard from an unused space into a delightful little Cutting Garden.
These past few weeks have been a joy in the Cutting Garden, as the tulips (pictured) have begun to bloom.
Fresh cut tulips bring such great joy throughout my home, as well as to the homes of my friends, and the variety that you are able to grow at home is so much more amazing than what you can purchase.
And, as I mentioned in my Ten Tips for Planning a Children's Garden, I plant enough in the Cutting Garden that my children can cut as many tulips as they wish without me worrying that they've cut too many.
Lastly, growing them in the fenced-in Cutting Garden protects them from the deer (though not the squirrels and chipmunks), that I wrote about in What I've Learned About Growing Tulips in New Jersey.


GardenJoy4Me said...

This is a wonderful idea ! and wow ! you have gorgeous tulips to choose from : )

Darla said...

I wish tulips grew like that around here.

Dirt Princess said...

The tulips are stunning! I do love them, but like Darla, I am unable to grow them in zone 8b! The heat would fry them

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