Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Plant Tulips Throughout Your Garden: along pathways, in mixed borders, under trees, and in raised beds

As a follow-up to my my prior posts, "What I've Learned About Growing Tulips in New Jersey," and "The Cutting Garden: the Joy of Spring Tulips," here are more photographs of this year's tulips. Where can and should you plant tulips? As you can see, you can (and I do) plant tulips almost everywhere in all sorts of colors and color combinations: along pathways, in mixed borders, under trees, and in raised beds.
Here are some dark purple tulips that I planted along the front steps.
Here is a mix of multi-colored tulips in the mixed Front Border.
Despite the removal of the old oak tree and stump, some of the orange tulip bulbs I had planted around it actually survived.
Here is a picture of some of the later blooming tulips in the Cutting Garden.

Here is a mix of yellow and purple tulips under the crabapple tree.
Here is a mix of white tulips along the back steps.
This is a close-up of some of those white tulips along the back steps.
Some medium purple tulips in the Bird Garden.


Ajitech said...

Wow...Beautiful Tulip Plant.It color combination attracts.The color combination of Orange,white,dark purple are so beautiful.It looks a nice garden. Please tell me how much time it takes to make such beautiful Tulip Garden.

abby jenkins said...

GLORIOUS!!! I adore white tulips, my fave next to the dark purple/black ones...and the orange ones...and all the other ones!

Prairie Chicken... said...

lovely post. I just moved into a house that has LOADS of tulips squished into 3 raised beds. Your post has inspired me to start thinking about digging some up and moving them around the yard

The Country Nest said...

Beautiful gardens!

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