Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden Tour in Philadelphia, Part III: pictures from my first visit to the enormous Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania


texasdaisey said...

Wow! What a tour. Looks like it was fantastic. I just love garden tours.

petoskystone said...

that is some 'beehve' structure!! awesome pics of your tours--thanks!

Carol said...

Thank you so for sharing those great photos of your tour... the sculpture reminds me of an artist who also built structures similar at Smith College a few years back... and all over the world I guess... forget his name just now... but he built them on the site from materials people would bring him and what he was able to find... could be the same man? I love the movement in the one in your photo! Glad to have found your great blog!

Anonymous said...

I loved the way the rose garden was planted with perennials when I visited a couple of years ago.

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