Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank you Queenmother Mamaw!

Queenmother Mamaw, a kind mother/grandmother, retired RN, gardener and blogger from Kentucky, sent me a lovely red velvet cake via her blog and the following quote of St. Teresa of Avila from Interior Castle:

"This secret union takes place in the deepest center of the soul, which must be where God dwells. God appears in the center of the soul, not through an imaginary, but through a subtler intellectual vision, just as He appeared to the Apostles, without entering through the door. This instantaneous communication of God to the soul is so great a secret and so sublime a favor and such delight is felt by the soul in such a way that they have become like two who cannot be separated from one another. The Soul remains all the time in that center with its God.

We might say that this union is as if the lighted ends of two wax candles were joined so that the light they give is one. Or, it is like rain falling from the skies into a river or spring: there is nothing but water there, and it is impossible to divide or separate the water belonging to the river from that which fell from the skies. Or, as if in a room there are two large windows through which the light streams in: it enters in different places but it all becomes one. Perhaps this is what Paul meant by saying , the one who is joined to Christ becomes one Spirit with Him."


Anonymous said...

Dear Heirloom I forgot to post the rules per Charity. You are to copy the cake and send it to one other person and let them know. Blessings
Thanks for your kind words.

La Petite Gallery said...

I have lost you on my blogs please contact me Yvonne

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