Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Summer Visit to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG): Pictures from the Perennial Border, Part I

Every time I visit the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) in the Bronx, I am sure to visit the Perennial Border. It is my favorite part of NYBG and it is always inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this tour. I have been out a few days with my ill daughter and just catching up on the blogs. I read your tick post. We used to have a bad problem when our children were young. We are not as prone to bites as older folks.

sweet bay said...

Beautiful garden. Thanks for the lovely tour!

Phillip said...

Beautiful garden - thanks for sharing.

Sparkles said...

What a nice walk through the garden!Thanks for the lovely flowers.

Sarah Carter Roberts said...

It was so nice to come across these pictures of the Perennial Garden. I was the Curator there from 2001-2008 and loved working with Lynden to perfect this garden. I appreciate your kind words.

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