Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He was buried on his farm in a grove off a walking path he traversed each day

There's something wonderful and natural about the idea of home burial. From Katie Zezima in The New York Times:

"PETERBOROUGH, N.H. — When Nathaniel Roe, 92, died at his 18th-century farmhouse here the morning of June 6, his family did not call a funeral home to handle the arrangements.
Instead, Mr. Roe’s children, like a growing number of people nationwide, decided to care for their father in death as they had in the last months of his life. They washed Mr. Roe’s body, dressed him in his favorite Harrods tweed jacket and red Brooks Brothers tie and laid him on a bed so family members could privately say their last goodbyes.
The next day, Mr. Roe was placed in a pine coffin made by his son, along with a tuft of wool from the sheep he once kept. He was buried on his farm in a grove off a walking path he traversed each day."

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petoskystone said...

i would certainly prefer a home funeral--costs are just insane. three weeks ago a relative paid 5,000$ for the coffing alone!!!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, families kept a fancy coffin in the attic. When someone died, they were put in the coffin for the wake and services. They were buried in a plain coffin, and the fancy one went back into the attic.

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