Monday, July 27, 2009

Lightning, Thunder, Hail and Rainbows

Yesterday around 5PM, it started to thunder. A few minutes later, the lightning started to flash. Torrential rain and hail the size of ice cubes followed. The rain was so forceful it was coming through the screens in the open windows. Next, lightning struck one of our neighbor's trees and we saw a large branch fall into our yard, right into the Long Border and the Walled Garden. After several minutes, it all stopped and the sun began to shine. Then, in our front yard, very low to the ground, there it was--a bright rainbow. We walked out to survey the damage to the garden. Many of the tall plants throughout the garden were laying on the ground, but most of the real damage, as you can see below, was limited to the Long Border.


Janet said...

Doesn't that just break your heart? I am so sorry. Hope repairs are not too difficult.

Teresa said...

Nature's force is so strong. It always reminds me how little control we really have. Luckily the branch didn't hover over your house. I hope you can revive your garden since there's still a bit of summer left. Good Luck

petoskystone said...

might i add how pleased i am to read that it was the border which took the brunt of the storm...hope that the recovery process isn't too long.

GardenJoy4Me said...

It makes you crazy when these things happen .. my garden back and front plus all the containers were literally torn and slashed one mid June year with hail .. it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen .. we almost expected and tornado too.
Hang in there girl .. this can be repaired and the plants will come back !

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