Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Noteworthy Gardening Blogs

Thank you to the following blogs for their links and referrals to Heirloom Gardener over the past month:

1. - this is a group effort with great writers, photographers, the Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop, the Picture This Photo Contest, the Plant Pick of the Month and more: "The idea for Gardening Gone Wild came out of the wonderful interactions I have had over several years with gardening professionals throughout North America, all of whom are passionate gardeners."

2. - if I lived in Sweden, this is what my garden might look like: "We are two amateur gardeners. We are interested in everything in the garden both plants and garden-design."

3. - of all of the lists of gardening blogs out there, I still think that this is the best one: "where garden blogs bloom."

4. - from Alabama, a great personal gardening blog: "...creating and maintaining a 3/4 acre garden for 15 years now which I have chronicled on my web site. I also enjoy movies, reading and photography."

5. - from Virginia, another great personal gardening blog: "After gardening in Texas, Florida, and Germany I am now in Tidewater...trying to have an attractive garden while battling dogs and tidal inflows of mysterious seeds."

6. - from Indiana, the well-known host of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: "Eccentric gardener? Gardening geek? Passionate about plants? Join me in my Zone 5 garden in Indiana!"

7. - from Kentucky, a blog about more than just gardening: "Retired RN loving time with my children, grands, art, literature and blogging and loving the creativity. My name comes from my dear grandchildren. I called them all princess, then their moms queens and my sons kings. They started to call me Queenmother Mamaw."

8. - from Massachusetts, Carol lives on a dream, twenty acre property: "Farming, observing and documenting a twenty acre hillside paradise, which includes organically cultivated rambling gardens, fields of organic blueberries, forest, fabulous views and expanse of sky."

9. - from Alabama, I share Dirt Princess's feelings about spending everyday outside in the yard: "I live in the deep south, where everyday is a bad hair day. I am married to my best friend (The Hunter) and we do everything together (except garden). I would spend everyday outside in my yard if I could."

10. - from Nebraska, Sue is a dedicated suburban gardener: "I am married with 2 grown children and a grandson. We live in the house on a corner lot that my husband grew up in. I have been talking him out of more grass over time in order to increase space for gardening. I like growing veggies, flowers, and herbs."


Janet said...

You are most kind to mention me and my blog. I enjoy looking at your blog! The others on your list look interesting-- some I know but will visit the others to get acquainted.

Nan Ondra said...

Thanks back to you, HG, for your valuable contributions to the Design Workshops at GGW. It wouldn't be much fun without the participation of our readers.

Anonymous said...

Golly HG, I can't imagine myself in your great group of folks, but I am honored. I do so love blogging and meeting all you wonderful folks. I am sitting up late tonight, I will check all those other folks tomorrow. I imagine I will be amongst some petty super gardeners. I am just a piddler.

PainChaud said...

Thanks for the links =)

Sue said...

I am smiling about the comments you've gotten so far on this post. I am frequently up past the time I had determined to be in bed by, wanting to visit one more blog, or finish the post I'm working on. Thanks so much for the nice words about my dedication to gardening and the link.

Carol said...

What a lovely thing to discover on your outstanding blog... but a mention of mine... thank you so for the honor. I was away by the sea (ocean really) and missed your posts... just now scrolling down ... finding so many blossoms and exquisite photography... such a joy and inspiring... as always. I love your gardens and how you present them here... as fine art really.

Jane Carter said...

As a garden enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for ways to create that special atmosphere one experiences in the gardens of Provence and Tuscany. Recently I found a wonderful resource in West Palm Beach, Florida: Authentic Provence ( Walk into this oasis of calm, and you will see what I think is the finest collection of European garden antiques available in the USA: statues, fountains, planters (note especially the classic Caisse de Versailles, and Anduze pottery), terra cotta shields, stone animals, copper pots, garden spouts, and on and on. They also have beautiful stone fireplaces, re-purposed tiles, and many other specialty items. The staff is very adept at finding that special item, and in arranging shipping to anywhere in the USA. Definitely worth a visit, AND there is a great coffee shop across the street!

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