Thursday, August 27, 2009

NYT: How to Sip a Flower Garden

We all know about edible flowers, but I never thought about adding them to mixed drinks. Laura M. Holson writes in The New York Times:

"Red sunflower petals and cucumbers are bathed in gin. Syrup made from dried lavender blossoms is muddled with mint leaves to lend mojitos a Provençal air. And the fizz of Champagne is quieted by wild elderflower liqueur.
'People are realizing there are a lot of edible flowers or flavored liqueurs that taste beautiful in a cocktail glass,' said Junior Merino, a bartender and consultant who came up with a drink for the Modern in Manhattan called Coming Up Roses, a bouquet of rum, rose syrup and crushed rose petals. 'It’s a discovery for many: interesting flavors and tastes they never knew existed.'"

For the full article, click here.


Mary Delle said...

I read the article, too, and was excited that the use of herbs is spreading into a new area. Your comment about edible flowers reminded me of the squash blossoms I ate at a restaurant last night. Delicious! And we never know what to do with the ever prolific squash.

Anonymous said...

Well you know us Kentuckians have been putting mint in our bourbon for over a hundred years. Ever had a mint julep?

Ciss B said...

Not much for mixed drinks, but I here these are good!

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