Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gardening Gone Wild's Picture This Photo Contest--Down On Your Knees: Cyclamen hederifolium, Sowbread Cyclamen, 1597

This is my entry to this month's Picture This Photo Contest at Gardening Gone Wild. The theme is "Down on your Knees" and we were asked to take a new picture on our knees or lower.
For my picture of these tiny pink cyclamen, I had to get on my knees and forearms. They are about two inches tall and are at the base of the white pines on Goldberry Hill.
These Sowbread Cyclamen were purchased from Old House Gardens. They are described as fall blooming, but they are blooming in my 6b garden now (August), perhaps because of the cooler summer.


Phillip said...

Beautiful shot - good luck on the contest.

Town Mouse said...

Yes, I'm always surprised too when the plants don't read the book and bloom when they're not supposed to.

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sso delicate. I can just feel the cool of the ground under your pines.

Pomona Belvedere said...

I have these also and they are strictly fall bloomers for me, though sometimes they start in very early fall. Sometimes I find that the first year I plant a bulb, they bloom earlier than in subsequent years. Plants will do what they want.

GardenJunkie said...

How lovely. I've had absolutely no luck with cyclamens. Thanks for entering the contest - I hadn't heard about it until I saw your entry. Aren't blogs a wonderful thing?!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such a sweet blossom. Good picture!.

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