Friday, October 10, 2008

Times Online (UK): 51 Glorious Garden Websites

As an admirer of English gardens, I enjoy reading English gardening magazines, online newspaper articles, and blogs. Recently, Jane Owen, an editor of the Times Online gardening section, posted a list of "51 glorious garden websites." Seeing that most of these were from the UK, they were almost entirely new to me. A particularly inspiring set of websites which I never would have found on my own was the following:

Individual designers whose work I know and recommend
30 Cleve West - brilliant, subtle, sculptural work which has won many Chelsea golds.
31 James Alexander Sinclair - highly original designs on new and historic sites plus one of the most entertaining blogs in the business.
32 Andy Sturgeon - regular Chelsea medalist. Modern designs and planting.
33 Ann-Marie Powell - one of the great underestimated creative forces in the garden works whose practical designs addresses all the senses.
34 Diarmuid Gavin - iconoclastic designs from the garden world’s wild boy.
35 Tom Stuart-Smith - Statesman of the landscape world with elegance has the default position of his designs.
36 Phillippa May - new kid on the block. Landscape architect already transforming private estates in the north of England.
37 Bunny Guinness - excellent practical designs particularly for family gardens. Outstanding planting.


kyles anima said...

great flower photos!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Thank you for this great list! I'm partial to all things England and it will be great fun to visit all these sites.

Mother Nature's Garden said...

I took a look at each and every one. Thanks for posting the list.

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