Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spider Flowers (Cleome) in the Morning Sun after the Rain

The frost came to some parts of Chatham, New Jersey earlier this week, but my garden has so far been spared. In these last days before the frost, I have been taking my time to appreciate and photograph the beauty of the flowers that remain.

For example, I recently posted about Spider Flowers (Cleome), but couldn't resist sharing these additional photographs that I took this morning. Along the pebble path of the Egg Garden, the morning sun glistened off of the raindrops captured in the delicate structure of the spider flowers.

Knowing that their days are numbered, I have also been liberally cutting my flowers so my home is now filled with arrangements, including roses, dahlias, sunflowers, salvias, and cleome.

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Awesome One. It's good to see Spider Flowers in the Morning Sun after the Rain. These flowers are amazing! So colorful and lifelike. Simply Gorgeous!

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