Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coping with Slopes - Gardening Gone Wild's Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop

This month's Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop at Gardening Gone Wild is on Coping with Slopes. Given that my whole property is one big downward slope, I look forward to reading others' posts.
When we were house hunting back in 2001, I was only a beginning gardener. I had dabbled with gardening in Brooklyn, but wasn't so serious that how I would garden on this property's slope wasn't even a consideration. Once I got more serious about gardening, I wished for a flat property, but worked with what I had.
Here are a few prior posts about my experiences:
1. Five Ideas for the Downward Sloping Front Yard
2. Creating the Egg Garden on my Front Slope
3. Goldberry Hill Last Summer (pictured above)
4. Goldberry Hill Last Spring
5. How to Build Raised (Vegetable) Beds on a Slope
6. How to Build a Children's Playhouse (Fort) on a Slope
For a map of how the gardens are situated on the property, click here. If I have more time, I'll write some additional posts about a few more of the sloped areas: Lilac Hill and the new stone staircase to the backyard.


James Missier said...

Hi, Just drop by from Blotanical.

Your hydrangeas look so lushful.
look very well with those coneflowers at the background.
Im sure they do look good as cut flowers. Good luck in the slope gardening.

Ciss B said...

I love hydrangeas! Today I saw some nestled in the corner of a building and they were almost 5 feet tall and the leaves were exquisite!! Not many flowers yet, but the leaves can shine for me as much as the flowers.

Nan Ondra said...

This is great, HG! Thanks ever so much for sharing this compilation for the GGW Design Workshop this month.

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