Monday, June 08, 2009

The Egg Garden in June: Replacing the Overgrown Evergreen in the Front Corner of our Home with a Mixed Bed

When we moved into our home, there was an enormous evergreen shrub planted in one of the front corners of our home. Perhaps it started off as a nice, tame shrub, but by the time we moved in it was almost as tall as the house and so wide that it made it uninviting to walk from the front yard to the back yard.
Looking around, having a large, overgrown evergreen planted at the front corner of your home appears quite common. Perhaps the builders planted them with the houses several decades ago. And once they have grown, people, even if they don't particularly like them, are reluctant to remove them.
After we cut ours down, there was a giant empty oval where it once stood. From that oval, the Egg Garden was born. It was originally not much larger than shadow of the old shrub, but over time, it has continued to grow at the expense of the front lawn. (For a complete map of the gardens, click here.)

The Egg Garden is now made of perennials, annuals, shrub roses and the crabapple tree. In the garden, there is also a path made of pebbles that connects the front yard to the arbor, which is the entrance to the Cutting Garden.
Update: I am linking this post to this month's Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop on Front Yards at Gardening Gone Wild. If you are not familiar with these design workshops, check them out.
The Egg Garden from the top of the hill.
The Egg Garden from the door of the arbor.
The arbor that connects the Egg Garden to the Cutting Garden.


Janet said...

What a lush and gorgeous garden!

Carol said...

Right out of a fairy tale garden ... so beautiful... the arch with two climbing roses... lush and magical! Inspirational! Thank you!

Cecile said...


Your shrub roses & climbing roses appear to be outside the deer fence. I live in a neighboring town (New Providence) with similar deer pressure. I read that roses are deer candy, yet I see some rose shrubs, like yours, that seem to succeed. Any suggestions? said...

I found a great deal of useful material here!

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