Friday, August 08, 2008

Two New Summer Favorites: Double Tiger Lily and Excelsior Lily

My two favorite new lilies this year were the double tiger lily and the Excelsior lily both from Old House Gardens.

The double tiger lily bloomed over a four week period in part shade. The flowers are definitely interesting and far more attractive than the catalog picture is able to capture.
Since tiger lilies rapidly reproduce from the small bulblets that form along the stem, I am hoping that they will take over the open space next to the fort in the Walled Garden.

For fragrance, the Excelsior lily is phenomenal. The fragrance is rich and unlike any of the other lilies I grow. In addition, they came at a time when my other lilies were finished except for yet to bloom Rubrum Lily.
The colors are a beautiful and vibrant mix of yellow, cream, and peach. I will be ordering more of these for my cutting garden next year.


JGH said...

I see the singles are in bloom along the roadsides now, but those doubles are really stunning!

Daisy said...

I still haven't gotten my hydrangea cuttings started yet, but I'm gonna! After reading your post, I've begun drooling over all my neighbors' hydrangeas.

My fella has some spider lillies in his backyard. Do all spider lillies have a "take over" attitude? Or just the double ones? HIs are single (if there is such a thing then I'm almost positive that's what he has), and I'd sure like to steal some of his at the end of the year...

joey said...

A lovely post. I can almost smell your fragrant Excelsior lily!

Anonymous said...

Never seen or heard of double lilies. They look most intriguing.

Have you had any luck with growing on the bulblets showing in the axils of the leaves?
It did work for me with yellow lilies some years back.


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