Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Pictures of This Year's Beautiful Hydrangeas

I'm really enjoying the hydrangeas in my garden this year. Hydrangeas are great because they take so little work and get better year after year. The blooms on hydrangeas are fascinating to watch as their colors mature and change as the blooms age. Below are some pictures of some of the hydrangea in my garden that were not in my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post for July.

The first two pictures are of an unnamed lace cap hydrangea at the top of Goldberry Hill. Two winters ago this hydrangea was completely killed to the ground. Last summer it grew beautifully, but did not bloom. This year, its unbelievable--loaded with blossoms from head to toe. [Related post: the same lace cap hydrangea in the dead of winter.]

This annabelle hydrangea has been in bloom since June. The blossoms started green, turned white, and recently began turning back to green again. [Related posts: in the winter when it was brown and two weeks ago when it was white.]
This beautiful variegated hydrangea was a new addition to my Front Border last summer. I bought it out of flower for the leaves. I wasn't expecting much out of the flowers and actually thought they would take away from the leaves. But, I was wrong. I love the flowers too.

The pee gee hydrangea, which I posted about pruning back in late winter, is now just starting to bloom, though it is still a week or so away from its peak.


Katarina i Kullavik said...

Ah, the variegated hydrangea is stunning! I've never seen a variegarted variety - I'd love one ot those!

PS said...

I love your blog!!!
I love your gardens!!
I love your garden photos!!
Garden bloggers I enjoy are so hard to find.It looks like you have it down to a science.
May I please link to your blog?
If not you're still a keeper.


heirloomgardener said...


I've never seen your blog before. I love the picture of your hummingbird--one of my favorites. I'd love your link to my blog and I'll do the same.

-Heirloom Gardener

PS said...


I found it so difficult to find garden blogs I like. If you google "garden blogs" etc your sent all over the lot. So much disappointment.

I found you when I decided to add "interest"to my profile.And there you were under "garden photography".
I'm still exploreing blogger tools so all the bugs aren't out yet.

Have a happy day,

Patsi said...

Quite helpful data, lots of thanks for your article.

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