Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Covered Containers for Propagation:'s Bell Boys

As a follow-up to my post on How to Propagate Hydrangeas, Part I: Taking Cuttings of Sister Theresa, I received several questions about the covered containers that I was using to propagate the cuttings. In response, I am re-posting the pictures of the containers with the information about where I purchased them.

They are from Walt Nicke's GardenTalk: A Catalog of Fine Tools for Gardeners. You can find them under the section Potting and Propagators under the name Bell Boys. They come in two sizes in packages of six.

You can use them to propagate cuttings of other plants too, not just hydrangeas. In fact, I am also propagating the rose Frau Dagmar Harstropp, in another set of these containers just now.

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Tammy said...

Your blog is fantastic. I just noticed this post about the jugs you got. They look a lot like two liter soda bottles that have been cut in half then shoved back together and the cap left off the top. I did a lot of winter sowing this year, and I am still using the same jugs to sow seeds in now and even did some cuttings in them. Great photos.

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