Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Heirloom Lilies for Fall Planting

As a follow-up to my prior post about some of my favorite lilies this year, Anne Raver at The New York Times also had some heirloom suggestions for fall planting. Like me, she highlighted Excelsior as one of her favorites:

"Up in my own garden, a few heirloom lilies have thrived on plenty of compost, sun and the protection offered by stone walls: Black Beauty, a tall hybrid Turk’s-cap with dark raspberry flowers; Citronella, a shorter lemon-yellow, freckled Turk’s-cap; Excelsior, a fragrant white trumpet speckled with red; and White Henryi, a trumpet lily with swept-back ivory petals and an apricot throat. But the voles and mice have eaten a lot of the bulbs — rodents love lilies as much as tulips — so it’s time to order more for fall planting."

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JGH said...

Hmmm - I got a gift certificate from White Flower Farm for my birthday! I'll have to look for some of these!

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