Thursday, June 04, 2009

WSJ story about Danielle Hahn's Rose Story Farm by Arnie Cooper

It's amazing to me that most Americans have come to accept the long-stemmed, grocery-store rose "devoid of fragrance and that never opens," just flops over and dies, as what a rose is.

An excerpt from the article: "By the 1960s, however, Americans' concept of the ideal rose had become -- as Danielle Hahn, who runs Rose Story Farm, describes it -- "the long-stemmed grocery store 'lollipop' with a perfect shape, devoid of any fragrance and that never opens."

But Ms. Hahn's 15-acre spread in Carpinteria, a seaside hamlet 13 miles south of Santa Barbara, is helping guide a new aesthetic -- really a return to an old one -- that embraces not only fragrance, but a vivid spectrum of color, texture and petal type."

For the full article, click here.

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