Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Article Really Made Me Laugh: "The Art of Fencing: En Garde!"

From Gerri Hirshey, published in The New York Times:

"EVERY family has its comic tales, and one of our favorites is “Daddy and the Woodchuck.” That Looney Tunes scenario, seared into memory about a decade ago, began with the shrieking of our two children: “Mom, there’s a woodchuck stuck in the fence!”

My husband and I ran out to find the fat fiend about two feet up the vegetable garden fence, with his head and forelegs through the 3-by-5-inch wire mesh and his middle stuck tight. His hind end wiggled desperately. Mommy may have said a few bad words. Daddy grabbed a shovel."

In addition to the entertaining story, there is some good advice on pest control that you can tell came from a real gardener. For the full article, click here.

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Ewa said...

Thanks for bringing it up..

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