Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardening with Children: Pictures of an Eight Year Old's Spring Garden

As I wrote in my Ten Tips for Planning a Children's Garden, one of the ways to enable your children to enjoy and appreciate the garden is to encourage them to participate in the gardening activity. Each of my children has a small plot that I let them plant. Last year, my now eight year old planted primarily annuals, but in the fall decided to follow mom's example and densely plant daffodils and tulips. What do yo think? I think she might have out-planted mom!
The first picture is from about two weeks ago with mostly daffodils and a few tulips beginning to bloom.
The second picture is from this past weekend when the tulips were in full bloom.


Melanie said...

Oh- this has to be so satisfying for her!! How old were you little ones when you started them on gardening? And started them on thier own plot?

Randy Emmitt said...

very well done, expect to see even better gardens from this kid.

Sande said...

Beautiful! She (and you) should be very proud of her garden.

julia said...

That looks fabulous!!! Congratulations to your daughter-- maybe she wants to swing by our house in the borrough this fall to help me plant bulbs? ;)
Beautiful, I love spring in NJ.

heirloomgardener said...


My now eight year old started her small plot two years ago. I let them plant whatever they want and only provide guidance when they ask or when they want to plant something that I know will not work. Each has a small sunny spot with good soil, so most plants will for them. The boys, for example, prefer to grow vegetables. They mainly learn by watching and helping me in the rest of the garden and their own trial and error.

-Heirloom Gardener

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