Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pets in the Garden: Five Reasons Why Cats Are Great for Gardeners

This month's Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop at Gardening Gone Wild is on Pets in the Garden. Of course, I think I have the best cat in the world, but who doesn't think their pet is the greatest? His name is Luna (yes, a little feminine for a tom cat, but we first thought he was a she). For anyone who has any question about whether cats are good for gardeners, here are five reasons why I think cats are perfect for gardeners:

1. Pest Control. My cat has significantly reduced the number of pests in the garden. He is about 18 months old and as he has grown older, his prey has grown larger--he started with small field mice and voles, moved up to chipmunks, and recently caught a squirrel. And for each one he catches, I am sure he scares off many more. I'm hoping he can catch or at least scare off the rabbits, though I'm afraid the groundhog is wishful thinking.

2. Companionship. When out in the garden, my cat follows me around. He quietly observes what I am doing and then wanders off, but always come back.

3. Gentleness. Unlike those other four legged pets that like run through and dig in the beds, my cat is very, very gentle. Yes, he does occasionally chew on some of the ornamental grasses, but pretty much leaves everything else alone.

4. Litter Box Trained. My cat is litter box trained and goes into the house when he has to go. While I've never noticed any unwanted deliveries in the garden, we do keep a cover on the sandbox, just to be safe.

5. Child Friendly. Of course, my children love the cat and the cat is quite friendly with them. He lets them hold him and pet him and doesn't even mind when my toddler tries to boss him around.


queenofseaford said...

Cats are great buddies.

lostlandscape said...

The best garden friends I can think of. Mine is excellent keeping down the grasshoppers as well. Great fun for her, and great for protecting the plants.

Dreamybee said...

Male or female, that is a pretty kitty!

Gardeness said...

The birds aren't even frightened of my cats! They're great though, aren't they?

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Lovely, 5 really good reasons to have a cat in the garden and your look so very nice, almost like a black and white tiger./ Tyra

EB said...

Luna looks very elegant! Seems strange to me to litter-train a cat with access to outdoors, but I can see the logic of it. Ours I think just extends her concept of House to the whole garden, and therefor Uses neighbours' ! This isn't as bad as it sounds as next door on one side leaves the rear part of his garden wild, cutting it all to the ground once a year.

Nan Ondra said...

Great post, HG! I expected more cat lovers to sing their praises of their chosen companions. You've done so beautifully and persuasively. Thanks for sharing this for the GGW Design Workshop.

petoskystone said...

what a handsome young man! that lovely silver coloring isn't seen so often.

Randy Emmitt said...

All good points. What a cool cat also. My male one eyed cat Grumpy is good for rolling in the dirt and climbing on me when I'm bend over gardening. The female Valentine cat on the other hand kills everything, birds squirrels, flying squirrels and voles and mice, she is only 6 pounds too. I keep her around anyway because Grumpy loves her.

Be looking at your articles again soon.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

You won't get any arguments from me on this! Very fine post on my favourite people!

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