Friday, February 20, 2009

The Most Influential Garden Bloggers

Bumblebee Blog has a very interesting post on the most influential garden bloggers. I read the post with great interest because what is influential or inspiring is so personal. I was nodding my head as she walked through many of the most popular and familiar gardening blogs, so it got me thinking about which garden bloggers have been most influential to me? Here were the top three that came to mind:

1. Gardening Gone Wild: A group effort, Gardening Gone Wild inspires by their posts and encourages me to thoughtfully contribute to their monthly Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop. I love participating in these workshops and reading about how other bloggers approach gardening topics and design issues. Some of my best and most popular posts have been contributions to these workshops.

2. May Dreams Garden: Shortly after I started reading gardening blogs, I noticed this regular post called Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I'm a little slow, so it took me a while that this was the brainchild of Carol over at May Dreams Garden. Perhaps more than any other garden blogging activity, this really brings the garden blogging community together to share what is blooming in their garden on the fifteenth of every month. Since I started adding my own Bloom Day posts last year, I haven't missed a month.

3. Gardening Tips 'N' Ideas/Blotanical: Both websites are managed by Stuart in Australia and have been influential to me by opening up my eyes to the many gardening blogs throughout the world that I would never have found on my own.


Sunita said...

Definitely Stuart's Blotanical! I would also add Frances' Faire Garden and so many more.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I agree w/you about #2 & #3. That's how I've met so many great garden bloggers. It's brought me lots of garden info, piqued my curiousity & answered questions. Then, it's brought new people and friends that I didn't expect...almost too many, if you can believe it. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and need to 'pull back' a bit.
Number #1 I just started getting familiar with. From what I've seen, I agree with you. Lots of great info. there!

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