Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Eight Year Old's Great Potato Harvest

Way back in May, I wrote about my eight year old son's preparing and planting the seed potatoes in our raised vegetable beds. After months of watering, tending, and fighting off the potato beetles, he eagerly dug up the potatoes all by himself (this post is a few weeks late). From just a few plants, we got an entire bowl of these tender fingerling potatoes. After we cleaned, boiled, buttered, and salted them, they were the delight of our meal. My son was quite proud of himself.


Zoë said...

And so he should be, well done that boy, they look delicious!

I think its so important to teach children to grow things and then cook too; its all too easy to become disconnected from nature and how we get our food.

Melanie said...

That is sooo cool, he must be so proud!

Daphne said...

I love seeing kids in the garden. Mine love it when they were little. If only I could get them interested as adults.

JGH said...

I've heard that potatoes are one of the best vegetables to grow with kids - and how cool to be able to dig them up and eat them the same day. Sounds like a rewarding project!

Nicole said...

That is so wonderful to have fostered a love of gardening and growing food in your young son. My parents gave me my own "mini bed" for veggies when I was a toddler, though I don't think I had much of a harvest then!
I also love your dahlia and zinnia pics-those where staples in our garden when I was growing up.

Sue said...

What a nice crop there! My son loved picking the potato beetles off of the potatoes, and helping to dig them up. He probably helped plant them, too, but I can't remember. (He's 30 now, and a new father, not keeping up with his gardening.)

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