Monday, April 07, 2008

Container Gardening: Early Spring Containers - Daffodils, Pansies, Lettuce, and Primrose

As a follow-up to my recent Gardening Bloggers' Design Workshop post on the variety, soil, and care of containers, here are some pictures of this year's early spring containers. At this stage in the season, it still drops below freezing some nights, so I am limited in what I can plant.
In the pot that is next to my front door (first picture), daffodils greet visitors. At the base of the daffodils, there is a ring of pansies and lettuce (see the detail in the second picture), an idea that I picked up from Chanticleer.
In other containers that I am not yet ready to plant for the full season (such as my hanging baskets), I simply fill them with pansies--an idea that I picked up from the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG).
In the pot in front of the library, I have added primrose and pansies to the yellow twig dogwood.

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