Monday, November 16, 2009

NJ Farmers' Market Update: Sundays in Summit extended to Christmas

Good news! The Sunday Farmers' Markets in Summit, New Jersey have been extended until the weekend before Christmas. I remember from last year that the number of shoppers dropped off significantly with the cold weather, so they didn't know if they were going to try to do it again this year. Alas, here's your opportunity to dress warmly and continue supporting the farmers. If enough people come out, maybe we can have a year-round farmers' market like they in other areas.


Chef E said...

Interesting, because our areas they end Labor Day, only Amish markets go year round and they are not true local garden products I have found...

Ciss B said...

I'm jealous! Though we have the Holiday Kerstmarkt for November and December, our farmer's market ends this week! I would love to have it last as long as yours does!

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