Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Lattice Screen to Hide My Gardening Supplies and Grow Clematis

Back in August, the Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop at Gardening Gone Wild focused on Trellises and Screens. I didn't get around to contributing at that time, but one thing that Nan wrote in the wrap-up compelled me to add something to the conversation.

Nan writes: "One issue brought up in a comment but not addressed by many posts was about trellises that work well for clematis...I've never had much luck with purchased supports for clematis..." Well, in hopes of providing some encouragement, here are two pictures of the lattice screens beneath my deck (that hide my gardening supplies and tools) with some very happy clematis. The pink one is Aseo and the purple one is Jackmanii.
In addition to those beneath my deck, I have trellises and screens in two other parts of my garden: (i) in the Cutting Garden next to the chimney (pictured below) which provides a place to grow the vigorous rose Complicata and (ii) on the deck in containers to provide privacy from the next door neighbors on which I grow annual vines (this year, I grew Moon flowers).

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Zoë said...

I like Trellis too, not only because it is attractive in its own right, but its such a great support for climbing plants. Another bonus in my opinion is it make a great wind break , filtering and calming the wind that used to rip through my garden and take down fences and more dense plantings of shrubs and trees. Plants seem to have the benefits of the shelter, without the downside of rain shadow.

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