Saturday, November 08, 2008

In Praise of Blotanical: Where Garden Blogs Bloom

There are many places on the find gardening blogs: the broadest Google searches, the more narrow Technorati blog-only searches, and to numerous gardening-specific websites. Of all of these, I find that the best by gardeners and for gardeners is Blotanical. They have all sorts of ways of presenting blogs by popularity, location, etc. Recently, they even announced their first-ever Blotanical Awards.

Warning: one could spend countless hours looking at these blogs which might take away from family, gardening, blogging and all other responsibilities.


Karen said...

Yeah, no kidding! I have to remind myself to get out into the actual garden sometimes when I've spent too much time in the virtual ones. But it's so fun! :)

tina said...

Thanks for the warning. A bit too late for me though:(

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