Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Space is Too Small for a Garden: the Triangle Garden in Spring

To help me plan for this coming gardening season, I am going through some of my pictures from last year. Here is a picture of the Triangle Garden from last spring. The Triangle Garden is the name of a small bed that is bordered on one side by the fence that encloses the Children's Garden, on a second side by a grass path that separates it from the Long Border, and a third side by the backyard. Each side of the triangle measures approximately eight feet. The Triangle Garden is made of herbs, perennials, annuals, and shrub roses.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have a couple of nooks and crannies I try to make into interesting little gardens of their own.

Mine don't look at neat as yours though. You must be so organized what with dealing with a big family. I used to be much more organized when my two children were at home. Now procrastination has taken over organization. Procrastination has become epidemic since my Dearly Beloved retired. I will just blame him since he isn't here to defend hisself. tee hee hee...

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