Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Inspirational Story About Clematis: Uno Kivistik of Estonia

"Uno Kivistik was born in 1932 in Estonia, in a medium landowner family who run their farm renownedly well. After the Soviet occupation, in 1949 they, just like everyone else, were deprived of their estates which were turned into Soviet-type kolkhozes..."

For the full story, click here:


kate said...

I very much enjoyed reading about the life of Uno Kivistik and his work with Clematis. The article read much like a poem.

Piondröm said...

I now about Kivistiks history.
We have ordering clematis from him and they are very fin plants ( and cheap)
To get them to sweden dont cost so much and now when Estonia is member of EU we dont need to pay any extra tax.
One day I want to go to his nursery in person.

Hortus Carmeli said...

Thank you for including this story. I have also sent you an e-mail to your address, but I'm not sure whether you received it. Congratulations and best wishes! - kata[at]templom[dot]ms

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