Saturday, April 08, 2017

Variegated Daphne in Bloom - a fragrant flowering shrub with beautiful evergreen foliage

This beautiful variegated Daphne, in the Front Border, was blooming in late April (zone 6b). The blooms have a beautiful fragrance and groupings of small pink and white flowers.

Perhaps what I love about this shrub even more than the flowers is the interesting, evergreen foliage. Last June, when I hosted a garden tour, the shrub obviously had no flowers, but many people commented about how much they loved it.


If you are looking for an alternative to a conifer, an evergreen without needles, try Daphne.


Gracelyn said...

Thanks for another great post.

Ann Flourish said...

Julia, your plants look amazing! To be honest, I have never grown Daphne..But now I know that I have to try. I understand why people love it! One plant that all of my friends really appreciate every time they visit me is a Clematis from . It is really rich of yellow flowers but I have to try it in other shades! Have you ever grown this plant?

Mona Martin said...

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Md Enamul Hoq said...

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