Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Telegraph.co.uk: Great Dixter after Christopher Lloyd

After Chrstopher Lloyd died in 2006, "many at that point wondered what would happen to his celebrated garden, Great Dixter." There is a fascinating story here by Tim Richardson about how Fergus Garrett maintain's "Great Dixter's spirit of originality."

What's the secret? "The key to the garden's originality and verve is partly due to the working method laid down by Christo. This consisted of a daily perambulation around the garden which lasted about an hour, during which time Christo and Fergus would make perhaps 60 decisions, small and large. About half of them were to be dealt with immediately, the rest stored up for the right seasonal moment. 'Everything was looked at and carefully considered,' Fergus says. 'We asked: is it worth it? Does it grow well? Does it stand on its own?'"


Michelle said...

I have always loved Christopher Lloyd's gardening.

I just found out that Tasha Tudor died last year as well. I just live her gardening style.

They will be missed forever.

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