Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great Blog Posts About Piet Oudolf

Yvonne Cunnington at Country Gardener has a beautiful picture of her Piet Oudolf Inspired Garden. She writes: "The lack of fussiness, tossing out high maintenance deadheading and staking, combining grasses with naturalistic perennials - these are all the qualities that drew me to his style, which happens to be tailor-made for country gardens." For the full post, click here:

Yolanda Elizabet at Bliss has pictures of Piet Oudolf's private garden. She writes: "Last week I went to Piet Oudolf to look at his nursery and private garden. I had paid him a visit before, last October, but that was during the Grass Days (held annually) when several other nurseries sell their stuff at Piet's place too." For the full post, click here:

James Golden at View from Federal Twist writes of Piet Oudolf's next New York City project, the Highline. He writes: "The Highline, an abandoned elevated rail line on the West Side of Manhattan, is being converted into a linear park and trail. For the first time in New York City, this innovative park will introduce Piet Oudolf's work on a large scale. While his plantings for the Memorial Gardens in Battery Park are a successful and attractive feature of Manhattan's southern tip, the Highline is a much more ambitious and challenging project that promises to attract widespread attention." For the full post, click here:


Frances said...

Thanks for those links. I have one of Oudolf's books, "Designing With Plants". It has been an inspiration to look at the long term vision for our garden differently.

Frances at Faire Garden

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the article and have that style but didn't know it. I have started buying plants that don't need deadheading. I am currently making a list of new plants to put at my new home--and the list is all maintenance free plants. They put forth a long bloom time but aren't fussy.

Pam/Digging said...

Thanks for the links. I enjoyed visiting the Piet Oudolf--designed garden in Chicago last fall, Lurie Garden, and posted a few pics from it. Fall was a great time to see it.

heirloomgardener said...


Thank you for sharing your post. I've never visited the gardens in Chicago--your photos are great.

-Heirloom Gardener

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